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Out of Control Sexual Behavior and Sexual Addiction

Many clients who contact us are concerned about their or their significant other’s sexual behavior. Sometimes people will quickly label these behaviors as sexual addiction. SATS does believe that sexual addiction is a real issue for many people. However, we do not feel that this label should be applied to everyone based on behavior alone.

Woman with hand over face in frustrationAt SATS, clients will receive a thorough evaluation to assess the scope of the problematic sexual behavior. We believe in sex positive treatment for sexual behavior issues, meaning that we believe that every person expresses their sexuality and sexual desires in unique and individual ways. As part of sex positive treatment, we work with clients to help them identify their own bottom line behaviors and help them create a sexual health plan that is personalized and feels right for them.

SATS offers both individual and group therapy for those dealing with problematic sexual behavior. We also offer individual and group therapy for partners of those dealing with problematic sexual behavior.

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