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Forensic Services

Dr. Weeks has extensive experience working with attorneys and clients involved in the legal system at the county, state and federal level. She provides forensic services in the form of psychosexual evaluations for clients.

Dr. Weeks is a clinical member of ATSA (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers). She provides pre-trial sexual offense psychosexual evaluations with a specialty in cybersex and incest crimes. A full psychosexual evaluation involves multiple sessions. Clients will participate in a full, in-person interview. They will also engage in testing including but not limited to: MMPI, MCMI-III, ABEL screening, SAST-R, Static-99, MSOST-R, and any other mental health testing that might be relevant based on the particular case.

Dr. Weeks is also a recognized expert witness in the areas of cybersex offending, sex offenders and sexual addiction. She has provided testimony in a number of counties in Pennsylvania as well as in the Federal Court system.


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